My name is Jane and yes, I am a graduate, actually a two-time graduate. I completed my Bachelors in 2012 and then Masters in 2016. I had naively assumed many things about my degrees and the “benefits” I would reap. Yet the reality is these degrees are neither “golden tickets” to a magical chocolate factory nor a “FastPass” to the ride of life. The ups and downs that I have experienced since the day I walked off the commencement stage have tempered my naive overoptimism with pragmatic hopefulness.

Faced with student loan repayments,  credit cards bills, rent, and the most dreaded- unemployment, I often find myself overcome with stress, anxiety, nervousness, frustrations, anguish, despair, challenges, difficulties, hardships, hopelessness (the list can go on…) of postgrad life is. However, despite how overwhelming and often unpleasant postgrad life may be, a part of my naivete clings onto that hope that good things will come as I start to learn, build up, and overcome the hurdles and obstacles of postgrad life.

My first intention is to write, talk through, the hurdles, obstacles, and opportunities of my post-grad life. My second intention, or really my hope, is to provide some sort of reassurance to those experiencing a similar situation that they are not alone.